Herons Rest Marina


Herons Rest Marina is blessed by a central desirable and well maintained locality of the waterway that offers picturesque and renowned tourist location, overlooking the ‘sugar loaf’ landscape. We aim to provide premium secure mooring facilities for our members.

Member’s first every time.

  • Professional, quality, premium and preferential service
  • High standards Safety and security
  • Reliable 1-stop-shop service for repairs, maintenance and amenities
  • Reward member loyalty
  • Local Offers on restaurants & produce

Member’s welfare – means your boats to.

  • 50 Secure Moorings.
  • Amenities – slip way, toilet, shower & washing building, electricity and water.
  • Brokerage – premium value to boat as moored where sold.
  • Maintenance & repair.
  • Access to dry dock.

 Our Partnerships

  • British waterways
  • Boat Builders Associations
  • Local Businesses
  • Tourist board, National trust, local council.